Cathletics Playing Cards

Cathletics Playing Cards are intended for regular card games with an added flash card feature.  The numbered cards offer special listings of terms gathered from our rich Catechism and Tradition of the Catholic Faith.  The face cards, as well as the 4 suits are tailored to reflect the Holy Family and the Trinity.
The 52 card deck plus 4 additional Extra Grace cards are intended to introduce core concepts of our Faith for the dual purposes of training and ongoing, quick reference, prompting further discussion and deeper understanding.

Cathletics Playing Cards

Monica McConkey (Author)
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Product Details

52 +4 Extra Grace cards
Publisher:  Arma Dei (2009)
Language:  English
ISBN 0-9689159-2-2
Product Dimension:  4.75″x3.75″
Shipping Weight: 102g

Sneaky Intention:  This is a great evangelization tool! 

It’s a great gift to re-introduce the Catholic Faith! 
Even if a regular card game is played, they’re bound to learn something,
looking at the cards and waiting for their turn!