Journey with Jesus: Reconciliation & Holy Communion {PDF}

Scrapbook through the Sacraments…from Baptism through Reconciliation and Holy Communion!
Journey with Jesus through the Sacraments

Celebrate your child’s Journey of Faith!

This is our Journey with Jesus through Reconciliation and Holy Communion Craft Kit.
It includes 18 already researched, illustrated and formatted templates of prompting catechism and reflection questions.  As all our Cathletics Craft Kits, it comes with permission to photocopy for a whole class for one term or for all the kids in your family (who live with you) as they celebrate their First Sacraments!

There are suggestions for making your own scrapbook or using a store-bought scrapbook.  There are also instructions to create an Accordion Book.   In either case, there are plenty of catechism based questions, adorable cartoons drawn by 12 year old Kelly and prompting reflections about your child’s experience of the Sacraments, their prayerlife and their growing relationship with Jesus!

Work on a page a day, recording and reflecting about Baptism, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, Reconciliation, the Commandments, Sin, Holy Communion, the Mass, the Domestic Church, Qualities in my Family and Friendsall about Jesus, Mary and the Saints and reflections about Jesus and me and my prayerlife.

(printed version: $16 + shipping) printable version: $14
Reflection questions, Catechisms questions and Kelly Comics clipart to scrapbook through Baptism, Reconciliation and Holy Communion.Instructions are included to create a unique accordion scrapbook, but templates lend themselves well to any scrapbook!
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