Accountability Journal Stamp #101

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Patron Saint Journal Stamps feature your favorite Kelly Saint, along with a check-in journal stamp to strengthen good habits and keep you accountable!


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Customized Accountability Stamp #101: Patron Saint Journal Stamps feature Kelly Saint Mother Mary, along with a check-in journal stamp (including VIRTUE/VICE) to strengthen good habits and keep you accountable!

Wood-Handled 1.5″x1.5″ Rubber Stamp*

*Inquire about customization of your favorite check-in journal stamp. Do you like the idea of this stamp, but would prefer different habits to track or a different favorite saint to feature? Contact us with small modifications* and for an extra $5, we’ll create it for you.

*same format, with interchanged text or simple symbols. Choose from the Kelly Saints (already featured in the Saints Stamps) to include in your stamp!

We will be adding to our Saints Stamps inventory…contact us with your requests!



1 review for Accountability Journal Stamp #101

  1. Theresa

    I’m trying to understand how it is used. I get that it’s a journal stamp – which I like. But I’m not understanding how it’s supposed to be literally used. I need to understand before I can teach it to my children.

    • armadei

      Hi Theresa,
      Thanks for your comment! I stamp the journal stamps into my prayer journal…and mark off the prayer habits or health goals I managed to achieve that day. It keeps me accountable. I also have journal stamps to add notes from Mass and I have saint stamps to embellish the prayer journal or stationary, mail out envelopes, greeting cards…

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